Washer Dryer Repair

Same or Next Day Washer Dryer Repairs with a One Year Guarantee on Parts Fitted


Because we understand how disruptive for a busy household when the appliances you rely on every day go wrong

We carry out Repairs for most major washing machine and washer dryer brands plus we will give you free advice on how to keep your appliance in good working order

We Repair, Deliver and Install all Domestic Appliances with a Proven Track Record.


Common washing machine and washer dryer faults we are called out to repair include:

  • Machine is not spinning
  • Machine making a humming noise
  • Error code on Display
  • Washer Dryer but not rinsing
  • Door not opening after program has finished
  • Washer Dryer not draining water
  • Machine noisy when spinning


If you are experiencing any of these problems you can book your Washer Dyrer Repair Online Now or by calling B.A Repairs on 01992 236450

We offer a fast and reliable same or next day repair service and can fix more than 90% of faults on the first visit

Washer Dryer Drum Cleaning Tip

When it comes to foul smelling washing machines prevention is better than cure!

We recommend using powder instead of liquid as unlike liquid detergent powders include bleaching agents which are effective in killing off the bacteria and mould that cause unpleasant odours.

Also, put your washing machine on a 60 degree wash at least twice a year if you only tend to use 30 or 40 degree programmes.