Washing Machine Repair

Having a washing machine in your household is a wonderful convenience that can often be taken for granted — that is, until it breaks down and leaves you with loads of laundry to sort out on your own. As soon as you notice problems with your washing machine, schedule a repair service right away to limit the risk of water damage or further complications. Whether your washing machine is not draining the water, Drum is not  spinning, or simply will not turn on, B.A Repairs can provide regular service or emergency repair to address the problem. Our local washing machine repair service also provides careful preventative maintenance, which we recommend for any Domestic appliances.

We Repair, Deliver and Install all Domestic Appliances with a Proven Track Record.


Common washing machine and washer dryer faults we are called out to  include:

  • Washing Machine is not spinning
  • Washing Machine Making a humming noise
  • Error code on Display
  • Washes but not rinsing
  • Door not opening after program has finished
  • Washing Machine not draining water
  • Washing Machine noisy when spinning

If you are experiencing any of these problems you can book your Washing Machine Repair Online Now or by calling B.A Repairs on 01992 236450 


When it comes to foul smelling washing machines prevention is better than cure!

We recommend using powder instead of liquid as unlike liquid detergent powders include bleaching agents which are effective in killing off the bacteria and mould that cause unpleasant odours.

Also, put your washing machine on a 60 degree wash at least twice a year if you only tend to use 30 or 40 degree programmes.